Sandra Marschner
Sandra was born on the rough North Sea coast in Germany. After finishing school she moved to Berlin in 1989, the year the wall came down. During her studies of German literature and journalistics at FREIE UNIVERSITÄT BERLIN she worked for Berlin’s Music Magazine UNCLE SALLYS and interviewed a lot of bands and artists. With her musical background of punk, gothic, and metal she was a part of Berlin’s underground music scene and it has influenced her work ever since.
After leaving University as Magistra Artium she started to work as an editor for a film production company from Austria called DoRo that produced documentaries and music videos for MTV and the German music television channel VIVA. She worked with artists like The Cure, Marilyn Manson, Einstürzende Neubauten, and Rammstein. Since 2003 she has been working for the film production company KATAPULT as a director for commercials, shows (e.g. for Cartoon Network), and music videos. She shot videos for Tokio Hotel (“Durch den Monsun”), Alphaville, Kim Wilde, The Rasmus, and a lot of metal bands like Dimmu Borgir or Children of Bodom.
Seeing the music video as a mixture of advertising and art form she always worked closely together with the art department and was involved in the set design and creation of artistic images and surreal sceneries.
Besides school, university, or work she always created art - like drawings, pictures, and three-dimensional things like small figures and dolls - and mainly worked with driftwood and other collected natural materials from all over the world like roots, seeds, shells, fossils, and rather morbid looking things like bones, skulls, dead bugs, dried fruits (she still has an apple from 1980). When working with different materials, strange-looking creatures usually emerge. Nature is the template and Sandra follows the creation.
And she likes the combination of doom, disintegration, and death with playful, funny, and colorful elements. Wild mood swings.
Some of her creations were also props for the music videos.
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