Peg Grady
Born and raised in Queens, New York. I was the typical city kid, traveled on the subways into Manhattan,
went to the museums, although when I was a kid I appreciated the dinosaurs at the Museum of Natural History more than the Renoirs at the Metropolitan. 

Went to New York City public schools, hung out in Greenwich Village, dropped
in and out of NYU and City University of NY, taking classes I wanted and skipping (and flunking)
required courses.
I left New York at the age of 25 and came to California. After tackling a variety of jobs, from writing horoscopes to typing police reports, I finally stopped messing around and dropped back into college, taking every art class available. I never looked back
My work has been shown in galleries across the country, won awards, and allowed me to live a life filled with art,  music and creative excitement.
My latest series is drawing with thread on linen, creating characters, imagining stories.
Smoking Bird, my hero, was born in my sketchbook while I was inventing characters, dreaming of who would populate the landscape in one of my larger pieces. Smoking Bird popped up, made me laugh and that was that,
I knew I’d found my new love.
I ran into a dilemma needing to determine whether Smoking Bird was male or female. Solved the gender thing easily enough by making them non-binary after scratching my head like a fool trying to find a mold to put Smoking Bird in. Smoking Bird doesn’t fit in a mold.
Smoking Bird lives the good life... traveling, socializing, indulging in bad habits.
They keep me dreaming... figuring out what their next adventure will be.

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