Pablo Schugurensky ​​​​​​​ 
Born in Catamarca, Argentina in 1954, Pablo Schugurensky has lived and worked in Spain since 1988. Schugurensky creates works that boldly interpret the people and places around him.
Though he lives in Madrid, the sights and sounds of Buenos Aires continue to influence his work.
His style, marked by masterful renderings, social commentary, and deep psychological insight, calls to mind the unblinking realities of great Spanish artists Goya and Velazquez. Schugurensky has also expressed great admiration for German Expressionists George Grosz and Max Beckman, and the Anglo-Irish Francis Bacon.
In the last decade, Schugurensky has taken these strong European influences and blended them with Argentinian themes, creating powerful portraits of the unknown denizens of Buenos Aires’s brothels and music clubs, as well as tributes to well-known countrymen Carlos Gardel and Astor Piazzolla. 
Schugurensky captures the inner dignity and character of all his subjects with a bold, sympathetic,
and unapologetically confrontational eye.

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