Owen Masterson
Born in Brooklyn, raised on Staten Island, went to school in Manhattan. Got my first camera when I was eleven and fell in love with f/2.8 and black and white film, but I also loved playing the drums – that was before it hit me that singing and slinging a guitar was where the action was. In my teens and 20s I banged around in rock bands: NY, LA, SF, punk and new wave, debauchery and madness. Notable outfits included Das Blok, SVT, and the Yanks. I drifted into writing, modeling, acting, and married the sexiest gal in the room, who, it turned out, was also the smartest: she brought me back to photography.
I cut my talent agent loose, we started shooting together, and have been, successfully for the last twenty-something years, including a side trip to make two award-winning documentary films.
Through it all I’ve kept my hand in art: the other side of the lens. Art thrills me. It’s alive with random possibilities and moments of serendipitous wonder. It propels me to explore beyond the edge – to create new ways to see, affording the viewer the opportunity for deeper explorations that flow beyond the frame. The imagination must roam.
I am currently living in the desert with my wife, Christine Anthony, and a charm of beautiful and savage hummingbirds.
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