Micha Warren
Micha Warren is a German photographer living in New York City.
She has been making pictures since her late teens when she started photographing bands playing in Freiburg, Germany the University Town in the black forest where she lived and studied physical therapy.
She became very involved in the music scene where she met her former husband. 
Together they ran the label CRYPT RECORDS, for which she photographed artwork for album covers.
As the daily running of the business became more consuming, her photography fell wayside. In the late 2000s after the upheaval of divorce and a move to New York, she began to make work again using her personal history and fascination with the taboos of human experience as inspiration.
She has been selected to participate in rigorous workshops with Antoine D’Agata, Mary Ellen Mark and Todd Hido.
She has also shown her work in various group shows in New York.

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