Marc Osborne
Solo Exhibitions
2014 Da Silva Gallery, New Haven, Connecticut
2000 PMW Gallery, Stamford, Connecticut
1999 Moira Fitzsimmons Arons Art Gallery, Hamden, Connecticut
1996 Fine Framing, Redding, Connecticut
1994 R&R Gallery, Stamford, Connecticut
1993 PMW Gallery, Stamford

Group Exhibitions
1999 The Painting Show, Moira Fitzsimmons Aron Art Gallery,Hamden, Connecticut
1995 Connecticut Invitational, John Slade Ely Gallery, New Haven,Connecticut
1994 Order & Chaos, Artspace Invitational, New Haven, Connecticut

Albums by the band, HAND. Hand was founded in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1970 by Marc Osborne, lyricist, composer, singer, and guitarist)
2022 Holding Fast (Recorded at Gatos Trail Studio in Joshua Tree, California)
2019 Breakers Café and Other Stories (Recorded at Firehouse 12 Studio in New Haven, Connecticut)
2017 Pin it on The Wind (Golden Pavilion Records, recorded atFirehouse 12 Studio in New Haven, Connecticut)
2016 Dream to Ride (Golden Pavilion Records, recorded in Waterford, Connecticut at Power Station / Sonalysts)
2015 Little Heartaches (Golden Pavilion Records, recorded in Florence, Italy)
2014 The Other Side of the World (Golden Pavilion Records,
recorded at Firehouse 12 Studio in New Haven, Connecticut)
1972 Everybody’s Own (Evasion Records, Lausanne, Switzerland)

The words are lyrics from two songs recorded in 2014 on the Hand album “ Little Heartaches “.
This album was recorded in Florence in the summer of that year, a time of great creativity and collaboration for Marc and his band.

These paintings were among a group of 12 works exhibited in a New Haven gallery, eight of which sold,
two Marc gave away, and two of which he kept, apparently so that they could be shown in 2023 at MAD.KAT GALLERY. They couldn’t be more tailor-made for the theme of the
Sound and Vision exhibit.
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