Maha Ibrahim

Cairo-based artist, Maha Ibrahim, has been honing her painting and sculpting skills for the past 11 years, starting from her study at the Faculty of Art Education in Cairo, in parallel with commissioned oil painting reproductions.
After graduation, she joined the local staff of a Diplomatic mission, a full-time Interpreter/Translator job that allowed her to explore and learn about the local, regional, and international arenas, gaining a wider view of the peoples’ most critical causes and issues of common concern.
Unintentionally, she started reflecting on the woes she absorbed daily, producing tens of paintings consisting of Piles of shoes, torn toys, weapons of war, elements of destruction, refugees, mass exodus, and famines.
Spontaneous visual reflections gradually turned into her own art project.
Being Egyptian, Maat’s doctrine is deeply rooted in her heart and mind. “The Weighing of the Heart”, led her to wonder about the extent to which decision-makers have to reach before taking solid actions against the devastation caused by consumerism and greed in our modern era. She adopted the scale as her hero element, the white feather as an embodiment of lightness and justice that had to be carried out in the spirit of truth on one side of the scale, and piles on the other.
Technically, she utilizes textured layers of paste, acrylic, or oil colors, to provide an abstract Expressionism atmosphere on Egyptian cotton canvas.

 Participated at Luxor International Art Symposium, December 2016, Luxor, Egypt
 Participated at 7x7 Group Exhibition, CAB Gallery, April 2017, Amman, Jordan
 Participated at Ayla International Art Symposium, November 2017, Aqaba, Jordan
 Participated at Isis Contemporary Visual Arts Symposium, January 2018, Luxor, Egypt
 Participated at “MODERNISM” group exhibition in the embassy of the Republic of
Serbia, June 2018, Cairo, Egypt.
Participated at CAB International Painting Symposium, July 2018, Amman, Jordan.
 Participated at Amman Arabian Festival, June 2019, Amman, Jordan
 Participated at Al Maken International Painting Symposium, September 2019, Kerkennah Islands, Tunisia
 Participated at Al Burullus International Symposium for walls and boats, October 2019, Kafr AL Sheikh, Egypt
 2nd Award at Doha Youth Innovation Award, Visual Arts sector. November 2019, Doha, Qatar.
Together Group Exhibition, Gallery Art-Mazag, November 2020, Cairo, Egypt.
 “Scale & Fate” Group exhibition, Dai Gallery, March 2023, Cairo, Egypt.

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