Gustavo Ramirez Cruz
Born and raised in Bogota (Colombia). He remembers himself as a little child spending time drawing pictures, playing with different materials and shapes, and feeling mesmerized by the vibrant colors around him. When he grew up, he went on to study graphic design, photography, and illustration and later became an illustrator for children’s books.
The turning point in his artistic journey came about in the year 2000 when he moved to Barcelona and started experimenting with sculpture and the paper mâché technique.
Some of his early work includes medieval and Baroque balloon dolls, string puppets, and elves, which he exhibited at a gallery in the Gothic Quarter (Barcelona).
In “Bestiario” (Amsterdam, 2011), the fusion of different creatures, a concept synonymous with his work, came to light. Set in a forest on the outskirts of Amsterdam, this exhibition sought to bring out the colorful harmony in which the animals lived together. Symbolically, these creatures represent the diverse cultures and ethnic backgrounds that create a whole new beautiful experience when they merge.
One can clearly observe his fascination for detailed bright and colorful patterns, inspired by his South American roots; his influences from mythical emblems such as African totems and Mexican alebrijes; as well as his inspiration from Yayoi Kusama and her Polka dots, a representation of infinity.
His paintings and sculptures are generally minimalistic in nature. He makes use of mixed media to build his sculptures, and acrylic for painting.
He currently resides in Berlin.
Come join him in an imaginary universe where the visible and invisible come together in an infinite human world.

- Spectrum Art Fair ( Miami Art Week 2022)
- Lucid Design District, Miami 2022
- Galerie Gustav von Hirschheydt, Berlin, Germany 2021
- MicksArt Collectief, Emmen, The Netherlands 2021
- Rosenhauer Gallery, Göttingen, Germany 2019
- Studio Galerie Berlin, Germany 2019
- Zeughaus Messe in the Deutsches Historisches Museum Berlin, Germany 2018

- Caro Berliner Art - Berlin, Germany 2018
- KUNST.NL, The Netherlands 2017 - Kunst met perspectief - Art & Design space - Amsterdam 2015
- Openbaar Bibliotheeek, laren -The Netherlands 2014
- Sundaymarket( Art & Design fair) - Amsterdam 2013
- Amsterdamsebos, Bezoeker centrum - Amsterdam 2011
- Imagina - Art shop, Saint Julians - Malta 2001
- Arlequi mascaras - Art shop and paper mache atellier - Barcelona 2001

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