Cheryl Walsh
Cheryl Walsh is an underwater fine art portrait photographer in Orange County, California.
In an overwhelmingly chaotic world, Cheryl finds her inspiration in an atmosphere of
peaceful solitude. In the depths of her underwater studio, she works with her camera
and the quiet currents that slow down time, bring vibrancy to colors, and leave her
subjects virtually weightless. Combining the science of working underwater with the art
of photography, she utilizes elaborate, unique, avant-garde costumes and styling with
traditional portraiture to tell dream-like stories in each of her fine art series. Her
internationally award-winning photographs are described alternately as old-world
painterly or illustrative yet entirely photographic. Cheryl proudly prints all of her own
photographs herself, focusing on specifically chosen fine art papers in sizes from 4x6
inches up to 44x66 inches.
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