Brock DeBoer
Brock DeBoer (b.1985, USA)
Brock DeBoer’s artistic process as a ceramic sculptor utilizes porcelain, historical motifs and surface
treatments to recontextualize everyday objects, items from his past, and objects of popular culture.
Many are highly nostalgic to his generation and beyond touching on many facets of everyday life.
DeBoer’s highly crafted casts in porcelain become archival, altering their permanence while
questioning the value of these everyday objects. DeBoer draws influence from his midwestern
upbringing combined with the ever-changing and vastly diverse landscape of Los Angeles and the rural
landscape of Joshua Tree.
Using his extensive knowledge of ceramic materials and processes DeBoer brings his sculptures a new
life becoming heirlooms of the 21st century. By using classical motifs of cobalt patterns and true-to-life
finishes DeBoer’s casts become suspended somewhere in the past and disguised in the present.
Brock DeBoer born in South Dakota, 1985, currently lives and works in Los Angeles and Joshua Tree, CA.
Recent exhibitions include - “Far from Home” with Guy Hepner Editions, New York, NY, “Knee High by the
5th of July” with Haw Contemporary, Kansas City, MO, “Gossamer” a limited collection of sculptures
with Guy Hepner Editions, New York, NY and “what we’ve got here is a failure to communicate” with
BBQLA at the Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA.

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